Friday, September 3, 2010


20100828 280

The New Yorker Hotel in Miami, FL.

20100828 299

The Texas de Brazil Churrascaria at The Dolphin Mall.

20100828 322

The Evergaldes Safari Park.

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20100828 371

The “south beach” on Key Biscayne.

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20100828 391

The sea water is not just warm, it is hot!

20100828 389

Kennedy Space Center

20100828 131“The John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is the U.S. government installation that manages and operates America's astronaut launch facilities. Serving as the base for the country's three space shuttles, the NASA field center also conducts unmanned civilian launches from adjacent Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (operated by the 45th Space Wing). KSC has been the launch site for every U.S. human space flight since December 1968. Its iconic Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) is the fourth-largest structure in the world by volume[1] and was the largest when completed in 1965.”


20100828 136The view from the Kennedy Space Center lookout tower towards the Vehicle Assembly Building with the Crawlerway stretching to the right towards Pads 39A and 39B.

20100828 140 The crawlerway splits, heading left to Pad 39B and right to Pad 39A.

20100828 142 Launch Pad 39B.

20100828 151

20100828 154 Saturn V First Stage Rocket


20100828 175 Saturn V Second Stage Rocket

20100828 184

20100828 178Apollo Service Module (left) and Command Module (right).


20100828 192 The Apollo 14 Command Module.


20100828 195 20100828 242 Inside a replica of the Space Shuttle cargo bay.


20100828 024
“Epcot is an acronym of (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow), a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney. Disney's original vision of EPCOT was for a model community, home to twenty thousand residents, which would be a test bed for city planning and organization. Disney's vision was not realized as funding and permission to start work on his Florida property was unable to be obtained until he agreed to build the Magic Kingdom first. Disney died before the Magic Kingdom opened and the Walt Disney Company decided that it did not want to be in the business of running a city.”

20100828 029
Entrance to Spaceship Earth

20100828 030

imageA still from computer generated animation following a touch-screen questionnaire in the omnimover in the spaceship earth ride.

20100828 048After the spaceship earth ride, passengers can view their geo-referenced picture on this large spherical screen.

20100828 060

20100828 073Inside the Mexican exhibit.

20100828 078The Chinese exhibit.

20100828 083

20100828 101The Japanese exhibit.

20100828 112The Morocco exhibit.

20100828 117

20100828 119

20100828 123Mission Space.